Suspension & Shocks

Side by side bikes are expected to handle terrain that other vehicles would find practically ridiculous, from potholed dirt tracks to uneven paddocks and hills.
We have a range of suspension products to keep your vehicle handling with agility over rough terrain, from springs to shock absorbers and more for all models of SXS bike. We service and repair many brands of suspension. FOX, ELKA, PEP, Walker Evans, Ohlins and most OEM shocks, using genuine parts and seals where applicable.

Tyres & Rims

To keep its hold on the rough terrain for which most SXS bikes are specially tailored, heavy duty wheels and tyres are required.
We can recommend the perfect set of tyres for your bike, matching the conditions you expect to use it for to a tee. We also provide a range of replacement heavy duty rims in the event of more serious damage to your bike.


To operate as efficiently as possible your vehicle’s motor requires clean air flow. The exhaust is responsible for drawing spent fumes away from the vehicle, ensuring the clean air flow it needs.
On top of repairs, we can recommend and provide a range of aftermarket exhaust solutions to improve the flow of air from your motor. We’re the local distributor for HMF exhausts, and stock a wide range of aftermarket parts from other manufacturers such as Yoshimura and more.


To protect you and your bike from harsh terrain, Legend Quad Services offers a range of protection options, including nerf bars, grab bars, chassis skid plates, diff guards, competition plate bumpers and more.
We stock a broad range of parts manufactured in the US courtesy of XFR ATV, with other brands available upon request.

Power Management

Whether you want to tune your bike for maximum power or optimal fuel efficiency, our team have the knowhow and the parts required to properly manage your motor’s power output, helping you get the most out of your vehicle.

Dyno Tuning

To truly maximise the performance of your bike, we can put it on our on-location rolling road, getting an accurate measure of just how much performance you’re currently getting from your bike.
Using our dedicated Dynojet ATV tuning equipment we can then try a battery of different tuning configurations and test how they improve your bike’s power output, before we return your bike to you with a fully optimised fuel injection system and motor.

Engine Rebuilds

Should we discover that your vehicle is suffering from hampered engine performance, we can perform engine rebuilds and reconditioning, providing a thoroughly cleaned out and serviced engine that should perform just as it did when first bought.


In addition to our range of services we have a comprehensive range of parts and accessories for your bike.
We offer competitive pricing on original equipment manufacturer parts for most makes and models of SXSs. Give us a call today for an obligation-free quote.

Pick-up & Delivery

It’s not always convenient to bring your bike all the way to our workshop. That’s why at Legend Quad Services we’re happy to provide the option of pick-up and delivery. We’ll come collect your bike from your location, conduct repairs, then bring it back to you in working order.